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Vinyl Siding Installation Haddon Township, NJ

What’s so important about your home’s siding? We’ll tell you this: there’s a whole lot more to it than just visual appearance and colors!

We’re AJN General Contractors, the top vinyl siding contractors in Haddon Township, New Jersey. When you need a contractor, look no further. Before making siding-specific decisions, though, get all of the information you need below.

  • Vinyl siding is the chosen siding type for homeowners – 3 out of every 10 homes utilize vinyl siding, and that number is growing daily.
  • Quality siding will increase energy efficiency and lower your home’s utility costs.
  • Vinyl siding looks a lot like wood, though it’s actually made of long strips of PVC.
  • Cleaning vinyl siding is simple – the only equipment you need is a garden hose and some type of cleaning solution. If you have a pressure washer, you have an even easier cleaning method.
  • Vinyl siding expands and contracts by up to half an inch in order to combat storms, winds, and other types of bad weather.
  • Vinyl siding repairs aren’t nearly as complex or costly as the repairs of other siding types – it’s likely that only a few panels need to be replaced. More about repairs below.

Siding is an important aspect of your home, and since you’re now an expert on it, you can see why! When you’re ready to install siding, call AJN!

Vinyl Siding Repairs Haddon Township, NJ

Though your siding will be very durable if you chose AJN to install it for you, certain extreme forms of weather can still cause unfortunate damage at times. Due to this, we’ve also become experts with vinyl siding repairs.

As you now know, there’s no need to panic if you experience vinyl siding damage on your home. It is much easier to repair vinyl siding than any other type. Still, though, let AJN take care of siding repairs so you can be positive that it’s done the right way! Who better to take care of your house siding repair than the experienced, friendly contractors that installed it for you?

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While we maintain our status as the top vinyl siding contractors in South Jersey, we also take pride in the way we treat every single customer. We have a proven track record of exceptional service, and our customers have taken notice to the quality of our workers. Take a look at some online reviews from our Haddon Township customers!

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We are committed to you and all of your New Jersey home improvement goals. We’ve made it easy to choose a contractor in Haddon Township NJ, and we’re proud of that. Call us for more information and get your home improvement project started today!